BioLite Cook Stove

You won’t believe this BioLite Cook Stove until you see it

and I mean SEE it in ACTION!

Powered by twigs and small branches you find around your camp,

The BioLite Cook Stove burns hot enough to cook your food by grilling (without the smoke)

or by steaming or boiling.

At the SAME time it generates enough HEAT to fuel the compact GENERATOR

and CHARGE your USB accessories!

Wood burning camp stove

How HOT is that?  Or How COOL is That?

I can’t wait until mine arrives!  I have not been this excited about an accessory since I don’t know when.

Be aware. There are some comments and lively discussions about this unit and others like it.

The Biolite company wants to make this available to third world countries to reduce deforestation and smoke.

There is  a larger model for families or groups. It may not solve all the problems of the world but it is nice to know that you CAN make electricity by burning twigs!!  If you do it right.  Those same people could benefit from LED lights that their cooking can power, if they choose.

Now the next question is about the real NEED for your iPhone or a stove of this size on a BACKPACKING trip. Or even a camping trip.

  • Doesn’t that go against the grain of getting away from all the accessories of modern life and simplifying it?  Yes. And No.
  • To really go simple, forget the phone and the stove. But a lot of places will not allow fires.  So, learn how to eat without heat!
  • Or heat without fire. That is possible too.

I have a small cabin in the forest that has lots of dry hardwood twigs around. I continue my part-time work online while I am away for extended times.   Since there is no electricity at the cabin, this is a really intriguing product for me.  I want to test it this summer to see if it really helps me with charging lights and my cell phone or even my laptop.  I do have a solar panel that keeps a car battery charged, but there are a lot of cloudy days.

I also like the ingenuity of merging the basic technology of a wood fire with the high tech of a USB charger and cell phone. It is just amazing what we are able to do with imagination, knowledge and skill. I will let you know if I am as enthusiastic after my field test.





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