Critical Environmental Topics

It is time to face some Critical Environmental Topics of our Time.

It is one thing to while away the hours pursuing our own personal goals of internet marketing and making some comments to support the good works of other people online. Yet, when the issues get closer to home and begin to have impacts on our air and water, it is time to stand up and share what we know and what we are learning.  That is the purpose of this page.

Right now, I am spending my recreation time in western Pennsylvania where there are significant deposits of Marcellus Shale beneath the surface.  Marcellus shale is a prime location for hydraulic fracturing, FRACKING, to obtain natural gas. This process has been going on across the country for more than ten years with varying degrees of hazards. Few of the 34 states have adequate legislation or human resources to appropriately monitor these activities.

When I sleep on the ground in my tent, I feel the vibrations of fracking operations near my land. I wonder what the impacts on the aquifer will be in the long term.  Here I will begin to share information, resources, and opinion about the merits and hazards of fracking.Once an aquifer is contaminated it cannot be purified again.

As a start. I invite you to observe this short video that was on PBS in 2010. Some details need to be updated, but the overall message is solid food for thought. Please share your views, if you choose. There are no easy answers. We are all passengers on Planet Earth together.

 Most sincerely,

Donna Bessken

Donna Paul Bessken



Resource Management Consultant, Writer and Educator




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