People in Balkans are Suffering from FLOODS

Thousands of people are homeless and destitute in this war-torn region.

Worst ever Balkan flooding

Help Needed


Biggest Flood in Centuries

Here is  little geography taken from a BBC website.

areas of flooding                                 

Aside from the basic human needs of clean water and safe shelter,

these people face new uncertainties caused by landslides of areas that have land mines

due to the long-standing conflicts in the region.

Ways you can help.

Support the Red Cross and UN efforts to raise funds for basic aid

Find out what your church disaster team is doing and help them.

Go to this website and see a creative way to get funds directly to the places where they are needed.

PayPal does not exist in this region, so this website has found a way to get around it. They assure  us that

the proceeds will be divided evenly among the Bosnians and Serbian.

Here is their link 

note: You are sending money to official Paypal account opened by Embassy Of Serbia – Brussels – Flood Relief

I get nothing from this. I just need to spread the word. Maybe you can too.

people and animals need help in Balkans

               Here is their link again: 




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