UN Responding to Climate Change

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In Warsaw, Poland the UN meeting about Climate Change has some very vocal leadership.

Who is Ban Ki-Moon? The head of the United Nations.

He makes it clear that we are now “feeling the wrath of a warming planet”.   As reported by Sophie Yeo in Warsaw.  BAN is calling for three major leaders to push forward on climate negotiations: EU, China and USA.  The surprise is including China in this and the reason is because there has been so much recent industrial development in China that it ranks very high as a contributor to global warming, as much as the industrialized countries of the European Union and the United States.

China and the USA have been striving to cooperate on climate change. This is significant since they are the largest economies in the world.  Remarkably, he is hoping they will reach some notable agreements by the end of THIS WEEK.

Even with different visions and world positions, it is beneficial for everyone that the G20 countries lead by example. He encourages all the OECD countries to do the same.  Where they have the ability, the means and the systems it is crucial that they participate in critical action at this time.

Meanwhile, the Chinese delegation reflects the view that the current greenhouse gas reduction goals fall short of the necessary levels. The importance of how to finance these adaptations cannot be overlooked.

It is essential to hold fast to the commitments made in 2010 and to expand upon them. A major topic for tomorrow’s discussions will be methods of improving the levels of financial support.

BAN asserted that he hopes the typhoon in the Philippines will be a global “wake up call”. He also asserted the there is inadequate ambition at this time.  Even recognizing that each country has its own constraints and limited resources, the climate change agenda needs to have a higher political priority.

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See more at: http://www.rtcc.org/2013/11/19/ban-ki-moon-typhoon-haiyan-a-climate-wake-up-call/#sthash.q80WiBh6.dpuf


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